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Welcome to the 88-bit RUNNER extravaganza!

Congratulations, for you are witnessing history, as this is a first ever blog post written by yours truly, the 88-bit RUNNER, Mika, me.

I love writing. For a long time I've been hatching the idea of writing a blog (it would have been more useful to been writing than hatching some could say.. oh well, what can you do?) and now it is time for my dazzling thoughts to crack open the shell and be free on the vast, mighty, something-for-everyone and nothing-good-at-all Internet. Only time (unless you are one of those doctors who get to time travel or manipulate it (but will it still be time who does the telling?) with magical stones.) will tell if it was a good idea to release them. Or have I unleashed the Gremlins. (Well, it is the Internet after all we are talking about, so probably not much damage done either way)

Who am I? (From the depths of the sea...)

So who am I? (Back to the block.. okay I will stop now.) Well to be honest I don't have a slightest idea of that. (Does anyone?) What I do know however, is that recently I've been finding enormous joy in running. I mean ENORMOUS. It is not like that I've been just sitting on a couch all these years. I've played football (not the American one) when I was younger, various other ball games, swam, jogged, hiked etc. for my whole life (I've sat on the couch as well, don't get me wrong, lately more than ever, I might add). But never before have I felt such freedom and pure joy as now. Whenever I put my running shoes on and go out, I am free. FREEEE. I just finished my first ever marathon and intend to run a bunch more in the future.

So you might have gathered that in this blog I will talk about running, but what else, whaaaat else? Well.. It could be anything as my interests come and go with a speed of light (I am a what you might call a multipotentialite), but probably it will be a something from the following topics: games, books, music, movies, TV series or other pop culture stuff, food, beer, and, and, and I realize now that this list will go forever, so I stop it here. Probably it will be games, as that has been my longest and most loved interest. But it might also be other stuff, you never know. But probably games. Or Books. Or.. oh, let's move on!

Lastly, but mostly, I am a father, dad, isukki (a funny Finnish word for dad) to two beautiful children and a husband to my beautiful wife who means the world to me. A family man (not like in The Godfather). And I am enjoying quality family time as I am on parental leave right now. (Also not like in The Godfather).

Sunset in the forest
My secret hiding place.

Oh, and I live in Finland. The magical northern gem. The land of the thousands lakes. Home of Santa Claus (the real one). Only place where people can be happiest in the world (don't even know how many times in a row) without themselves knowing it. I live in a small town in the countryside, so expect pictures of forests, fields, lakes, forests, fields, lakes, and so on, and so on as I capture my runs, expeditions and such goings and other shenanigans.

Full steam ahead!

So welcome, I hope to see you in the future, here on my blog and on socials and on marathons (or other running happenings). Let's enjoy this wild ride together!

Country road in Finland
Road is open, just run.


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