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Training Review Of Last Three Weeks (Of Running) And Why Sleeping Is Important

Has it already been three weeks since I started training again? When I wrote last time I had three runs under me and now it has been three weeks already? Wow time flies, when I do not (literally, you’ll see in a minute). So how has it been?

Well, the start was nice, those first three runs were awesome and I was so happy to be running again. It was obvious that my recovery month was a good idea and I was bursting with energy (like Max Dillon) until.. I was not. (In my case the reason was not our friendly neighbourhood web-slinger).

I hit a wall. A brick wall. A brick wall with spikes coming out of it. I suddenly lost all my energy. I was super annoyed about everything and overall just felt really bad. Did I have the flu? Did I start too hard? Why was I feeling this bad?

Then I realised (with the help of my wife, I'll have to admit) it. I did not get enough sleep, so I could not recover properly. You see, during my recovery month I had slowly started to stay up longer and longer. As I did not have my regular training sessions, I was not as tired as I normally would be. So staying up was easier. I also had a lot to do as I wanted to write for this blog and do things that I could write about. So I took time from my sleeping. (Once again one of those mighty fine mistakes I like to make, I guess it is just so fun, you know?)

So, Not Sleeping + Training Hard = Disaster. (You remember this, alright?)

Luckily there was an easy solution for my problem. I just needed to go to bed like I used to before and that’s it. I started to feel better pretty quickly. I also modified my training program a little so that I would have more rest between sessions. Easy, simple fixes, but big, meaningful results.

It is also ironic that as I took time from sleeping to (for example) writing, I ended up not writing as I was too tired for my brains to function properly. SO DO NOT SKIP ON YOUR SLEEP.

Otherwise I have really enjoyed my slow runs, and my kundalini and yin yoga classes have been a total peace of mind. I also registered for few races/events for the next year, but let's talk about that later. So going forward, one mistake at a time!

See you running!

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