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The Next Marathon (That I Will Run) Has Been Chosen

I have told you earlier of my ultimate goal of obtaining a Six Star -medal by running the six Major Marathons. I also told you that I tried to get to Berlin next year, for hunting my first star. Well, now the results of the draw are in!

Aaaaand, the results say.. (drumroll, please) that my name did not get picked up at the draw. (Damn).

I would be lying to say that I am not a bit disappointed, but to get in with your first try and especially this year (which broke records of people wanting to get in) would have been super lucky. (Like Gladstone Gender lucky). It is the 50th anniversary of the Berlin Marathon next year, so of course people want to go there for all the celebratory happenings.

Anyway, for me, more important than getting in, was the fact that I now got an answer and therefore could make plans for my next year. My ultimate goal is still to hunt those stars, but this year, it was more important that the marathon I would run would be held in the Autumn, so that I could train enough. (Because I feel that my base endurance is not at the run-marathon-at-any-time level yet). For the 2025 onwards I will be trying my luck with all the major draws every year, until I do get in. (Except for Boston, looooong way to Boston, but more on that later).

So anyway, I did not get into Berlin, but I could now choose a marathon that I can get in (which is happening in the Autumn), and my choice was (drumroll again): Tallinn!

Tallinn is actually a very nice city (it is close by (me) and easy to go so I have been there many times) with a lot of good restaurants, spas (I do love spas) and a beautiful old town. It also the 35th anniversary of Tallinn Marathon next year so I can enjoy celebratory happenings there as well! Last year they had a virtual marathon beside the official, and if you ran both you got a beautiful double medal, so if they do that this year, I am definitely in. And the participant fee includes an official race t-shirt! (INCLUDES) What's not to like! I would therefore happily recommend everyone that are still looking a marathon in Europe to run there. (And I am not in any way affiliated with them, I am just excited). The Tallinn Marathon is held on the 8th of September 2024 so that gives me plenty of time to prepare.

I just decided that I will start my 10 week base training period from the beginning next week as I pretty much spent more than a half of it being sick. (Here you can see the example of having flexibility in your training program. I can easily start over and I will still have over a month of free time for future viruses or other training sabotagers). These few weeks have been more of getting back to my feet after that long sick leave. (And of course a lot of snow plowing (by hand!)).

Now I have three events booked next year

Helsinki10 in April

Helsinki Half-Marathon in June

Tallinn Marathon in September

I was thinking that I would add a few more events that I would have in May and in August, but have not decided what those would be yet.

But anyway, now running in pitch black has a goal again. (Not like it is not fun in itself).

See you running! (and hopefully in Tallinn).

(Ending it with a rhyme, today I am on fire).


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