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The Next Episode (Of Running)

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any organizations, events or publications mentioned in this post. All the links are there for informational purposes only.

La-da-da-dah, it's the eighty eight B-I-T (RUNNEEEER). La-da-da-dah, you know I.. Sorry. I simply could not resist. Let's move onward!

So, have you already read my How Did I End Up Running (it is not about running from your problems, by the way) and From Couch To Marathon -post series? If so, you know that I intend to continue running. If not, well GO AND READ IT NOW! Sorry I yelled, but you should do that to get some context for what you are going to read next.

I had an easy, lay low, recovery month after that first marathon I ran and during it I did not run at all. I Thought it would be better to rest well, so I can have a fresh start when I begin training again. I think it was long enough time for me as at then end of it I already had an huge urge to lace up and go outside for a run. Now that month has already gone, so back to training it is! (By the time of writing this I already have had three runs, awesome!)

Even though I found out that the running itself is the joy of it for me, it does not mean you can not have goals or dreams (I just do not want make it all about the goals). So what is my next goal? Well, let's actually start of with one of my dreams (which I got during my training for that last marathon) of that I would someday hold that very cool Six Star medal (more of that later). What comes of my goals then, to achieve that dream I should start running those Majors, which will eventually lead to me holding that medal. So my goal for the next year (drum roll): Another marathon! (Surprise, surprise). Only this time with better preparations!

But which marathon? Berlin. Or that is at least the marathon I try to get in. (It's pure lottery unless you are a professional runner). If my luck (or our smiling lady Tymora) is not willing, then it will be some other marathon, which is happening about the same time. I have not yet decided. I know that I should probably start to attend in every Majors lottery as soon as possible to maximize my changes to get in, but as for now I really need to have time for training. So Berlin Marathon is held on September. (Chicago and NY are also held later in the year, but as my youngest is still a baby and only a toddler next year, I do not want to put her on a long flight. And I of course want to have my family with me if I go abroad to run!) So Fall 2024 it is! That gives me almost a full year to prepare. And now I know what I am doing (I really do not), so nothing can go wrong! Right? (righty right right?)

I wanted to have easy start so I could better build up my base endurance in the future. By taking an almost a year for training allows me also to have off weeks if I get sick or injured. (Or multiverse shenanigans start all of the sudden). This time I will also give more focus to strength training as I pretty much skipped that the last time. (Starts with an M and ends with an E, can you guess my favorite thing to do while training?) and added also yoga for the mind-body wholesomeness as marathon is as much (if not more) as mental as it is physical exercise. (More about my yoga experiences later. Later and later again, I have some writing to do!)

So my next ten weeks (The Easy Start - routine, I like to call it) look like this:

Monday: Marathon Pace Run 40-50mins

Tuesday: Easy Run (HR 70% from the max) 40min + Strength Training

Wednesday: Easy Run 45-60mins

Thursday: Rest and Kundalini Yoga, followed by Yin Yoga

Friday: Easy Run 40min + 5-10x100mN + Strength Training

Saturday: Easy Run 90min or Swimming 1-2 hours

Sunday: Rest

I also have option to switch any of the easy runs with other kind of exercises at will. And every three weeks I have an easier week. So that's it. I will now try to write an update every week as my training goes forward, so stay tuned for that.

Take a seat,

Hope you ready for the next episode,

Hey, hey, hey, hey,

S.. Run run everyday! (Once again I could not resist).

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