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How Did I End Up Running? (Of All The Things I Could Do) Part 1

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any organizations, events or publications mentioned in this post. All the links are there for informational purposes only.

As I mentioned in my Welcome post I will be talking a lot about running here. And as I am taking a recovery month after my first ever marathon run, there is plenty of time for me to talk (I guess if you are not running, you at least have talk about it?). But of all the things I could do, how did I end up with running in the first place (and not something else)?

Running medals side by side on a rock
First ever on the right (from 5k run), and the latest one on the left. (2 years between them)

For a long time I despised running. It always seemed so boring. SO BORING. Why run when you can play football? Why run when you can do basically any other sports? So I sometimes jogged, never really putting time or effort into it, and just thought that running is not for me. No sirree. And I basically ran only if I was missing a bus or was late for something (and I tried to be on time just for that I did not need to run).

Fast forward to the year 202, when my coworkers and I thought of something active we could do together and go relax afterwards outside of work. Someone proposed participating in the Helsinki City Running Day 5km run (Helsinki City Running Day). After two days of arguing, we agreed. At the time I thought that I could walk it, blabber away nonsense with my friends and go enjoy a nice night in a restaurant afterwards. It never even came to my mind that I would RUN it. Why bother I thought, running is boring and it will always be and stay boring. (Oh, how wrong was I).

Then the day came. We were chatting with our friends at the starting line. Taking group pictures. I still thought that I would walk it, have a good chat and enjoy the weather. (It was a nice day) Then the starting countdown came. Ten, nine, eight.. people were counting down with the announcer. The air filled with electricity, you could feel the excitement. It was contagious. (It might be good to point out that this was the first ever running event for me). Three, two, ONE.. GO! My legs started moving almost by themselves, music boomed from massive speakers straight to my veins and filled me up with adrenaline and off we went. I started to run, almost without knowing it. Two of my co-workers were beside me. We talked that we would run for a while as it was easier because there were so many people around us running and then continue walking for the rest of the time. But we did not walk. At some point we just silently agreed that we would run the whole thing. (You know that looking each other in the eyes and just nodding -thing)

Running felt great. (Also terrible as I had not run for a long, long time). When I stepped over the finish line, I was exhausted, out of breath, dying, but happy. (Yeah, 5 kilometers was a long distance for me back then). My brain was swimming in, oh so sweet, endorphin soup and my mouth was frozen in a stupid grin. I ran. And it was fun. Afterwards we went out and had a fun night.

It was a spark, but it did not quite start the fire just yet. Let's continue on what did the next time! Meanwhile, enjoy your life, go for a run, you never know what that might lead you to.

A countryroad in Finland
I just love running in the countryside.


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