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How Did I End Up Running (Of All The Things I Could Do) Part 2

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any organizations, events or publications mentioned in this post. All the links are there for informational purposes only.

So last time I told you about participating in my first ever running event and how that changed my views of running.

Let’s now move on to the year 2022, when I, again with my coworkers, participated in another 5km run in Helsinki called Kaisaniemen Juoksu. (Kaisaniemen Juoksu). This time I was more serious from the beginning and decided that I would give it all I got (at that moment, last time I ran was that event last year (so about a year ago) so I did not have that much to give) and set myself a goal of finishing the race under 30 minutes.

So now I was, again, talking with my coworkers at the starting line, taking funny pictures and videos, but this time when the countdown came, I wished my friends good luck and moved closer to the front and starting line. Once again the air filled with electricity. The anticipation. The excitement. Just pure energy going from person to person all around. Three, two, ONE.. GO. And I went. And I ran. And I gave it all I got. (Really, ask my heart, which is still mad at me for putting it in such a situation)

And again when I stepped over the finish line exhausted, out of breath, dying, I got that same stupid grin. Felt the same joy. I did it. My time was under 30 minutes. I realized that I can really run if I want to. And that moment that spark from the last year's event burst into flames and the fire spread throughout my body. Running was not boring, it was awesome. I was happy.

Finisher medal of Kaisaniemen Juoksu

Maybe too happy, you might say. After the run and when we went to relax in the sauna, I got an idea of running the marathon. Could I do it? And I sent a message to my friend asking if he would go with me. And we registered in Helsinki10, Helsinki Half Marathon and Helsinki Marathon. (Oh boy). Now it was official. I had to do it. Oh, but I am getting ahead of myself.

Sooo, this is how I end up running. And I still run. And I intend to run as long as I physically can. I still carry the flame inside me. May it never go out.

But how did that whole trip from 5km (or basically the couch) to marathon went? Glad you asked as we will return to it in the future! (Sorry, your princess is in another castle). See you running!

A pine tree forest path
Through the forests, trough the open roads, never stop running.


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