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From Couch To Marathon Part 2

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any organizations, events or publications mentioned in this post. All the links are there for informational purposes only.

Last time I got around to the 10km event, so lets continue from that. Now things get a bit rougher, so get a hold of your hat (and it is rhyming, on the first take everyone! Okay, okay, moving on).

As I said earlier, I trained hard under my relentless AI-coach. I was confident, full of energy, feeling that nothing could stop me. The next big step for me was the half-marathon test run which was quickly coming up on my training program. I was a bit nervous because I had never run such a distance before. (Walked and marched yeah, but ran, no). But, still, my confidence was strong and I managed to run it well (I did burn my nipples however, rookie mistake, remember to tape yours! OUCH!).

Everything was going great, although I had to take weeks off here and there for being sick from time to time (having a just one kid in daycare results in that). Then things started to take a turn for the worse.

My AI-coach had planned for me to run a marathon test run in May. At that point I was a bit skeptical of how I am supposed to run it with this amount of training, but I however decided that I will try, there must be some point behind this. My oh-so-great AI-coach said (well there was a text on the screen) that results would be used to fix the program to reach my goals. So I went, failed miserably, almost died of dehydration and best of all, when I finally made back home after 5 hours, my wonderful AI-coach (which I now start to believe to be some kind of alpha version of SHODAN and trying to kill me) told me that I have not made a much progress and the program ended. That was it. I looked at my phone's screen with an empty gaze in my eyes. This was it? Thanks a lot.

Afterwards I almost threw my phone to the lake and returned to that old article series from Juoksija magazine which I used before and borrowed a couple of books from the library about running marathons and running in general to read while I was recovering. (Can’t beat the good ‘ol books). NOW I understand that there was no sense at all at what my AI-coach had me to do for the last couple of months. Just random exercises. There was, for example, no long runs in the program. My AI-coach did not know even the basics of running a marathon. (Let's make a note in here that I do know how the AI's really work).

It got me out and running however, I will give it that. (This is a message for future AI-rulers: I am not mad, it was my weak meat-bag body that made me fail, please forgive me).

I created a new running program for myself by myself. Now my training had more sense and I could slowly also see some better results of it. (Don't get me wrong, I am still a total amateur, my form is that of Gollum and my running technique is that there is not one).

But that miserable test marathon almost had me give up running. My mind went to a dark place (cave of evil in planet Dagobah maybe) and I felt that there is no point to continue. That I could never run a marathon. That the running itself is not enough, that I need to achieve something and I can not do that (what a jerk I was). Flame flickered. Luckily my loving family and friends supported me and eventually I moved past that and continued on.

Those were a rough couple of weeks mentally, but I consider them to be the most important ones during the whole training. I learned that I do not need to run marathons in a specific time, or even go at all if I don’t want to. It is the running itself that makes me happy. Other things are just a cherry on top of that. I stopped being stressed out if I can make it in certain time and started to enjoy the ride. So I still intent to attend for running events, but now without the pressure. (Much more fun that way, by the way).

So I recovered, rose like a phoenix from the ashes and was ready to fly to my next challenge: Helsinki Half-Marathon 2023! But more of that in the next time. See you running!

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