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Back At Running (After Five Weeks Of Being Sick)

He's back, he's the man behind the game pad (oh yes, Alice is best, even when he is not at his best). Anyway, I am back. Back at running. I had to take five weeks off, as I was sick. Even though I had time to play games, being sick sucks. And being sick for over a month really really sucks. I do not know what kind of virus (or viruses, or combination of viruses and bacteria) I had, but I went through a whole spectrum of symptoms from fever and strange aches to cough to runny nose to headache to sore throat and had zero energy to do anything extra. (Expect playing video games here and then).

Another not-a-fun thing is being sick on parental leave. Taking care of a toddler who does not give you mercy even though you barely get up from bed is not the best of times (even though she is). At least my almost 3 year old was in daycare from time to time. And of course my wife helped me all she could. But yeah, not the best month I have had, maybe you can imagine. I am happy that the rest of my family did not get as sick as I was.

Now I missed a total of 6 (six) weeks of training. I wanted to have one healthy week after being sick, so that I am totally cured. (A cleric casting Cure Disease would have been a great add for my party during this time). Luckily I learned something (yay me) from last year and prepared for this kind of break by having a lot of extra time in my training program. So I simply continue where I left, no extra hassle. I could even start my whole base training set from the beginning to really build up my base endurance. We'll see. I will start easy and see where to go from there. Always listen to your body.

Getting sick at the darkest month of the year (at least here in Southern Finland where the November is basically between grey and pitch black and soaking wet) is not optimal for your mental health either. It was even harder now as I am running and therefore really needed to go for a run (runners know), but could not. I could have been writing for this blog also, but really did not feel inspired. (I did have some thoughts in which direction I want to go in the future with this blog, but more on that later). But I pushed through with the support of my family and here we are. Reborn. Risen from the ashes to fly above glistening snow into the winter wonderland.

And soon it is December and I get to see if I get in the Berlin Marathon next year. Fingers crossed.

See you running!


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