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A guy in top of Mont Pelee in Martinique



This blog is a celebration of all the wonderful things life has to offer. I want to spread the joy of running for everyone and be an example that anyone can start running and enjoy more active life. I also want to spread the joy of gaming, as it is a rich world of unlimited stories and experiences and a great way to relax, to let go for a moment. This blog is an journey of writing, and I do not want to sit back and let someone else (AI) do the journey for me. So welcome, I hope you enjoy your stay!

Well who is behind all this? Let me introduce you to the writer, 88-bit RUNNER, Mika:


  • Running. Started running at the age of 34 in 2022, ran his first marathon in 2023 and is looking to run many more. Sees himself holding The Six Star medal on some day.

  • Gaming. Started with Sega Mega Drive and Amiga 500 as a kid, the games have been the one true love interest, which have carried on his whole life. Has love for smallest indie experience to massive AAA games.

  • Reading. From driest of facts to the most imaginative fiction, reading has been also his interest from the day he learned to read. Prefers printed books and magazines over e-ones.

  • Writing. May it be more informal factual pieces or imaginative fictional stories or anything between. His passion is writing about his passions.

  • His family. Two children and wife.

  • And numerous other things, but we do not want to make this list too long.

Would love to:

  • Do collaboration with you! Please contact him using the form at the bottom of the site for your business proposals.

Feels weird of:

  • Writing of himself in a third person.

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